How I Test & Rate Mobile Bingo brands

As Editor of the Mobile Bingo guide, and compiler of the list of Best Mobile Bingo Sites, I try to set aside personal expectations and rate each bingo brand’s mobile offering on it’s own merits. There are three main types of visitors to this site… Bingo Newbies, Bonus Chasers and Bingo Pro’s. I try to provide each with what they need.

For years, I spent a lot of time writing up reviews for some truly terrible mobile bingo services. I don’t come across many terrible ones these days, but when I do, I simply don’t add them to this guide. It’s time consuming enough just keeping track of what the good ones are up too.

My preferred device for mobile bingo is iPad on Wi-Fi, but I test all of the mobile bingo services independently on iPhone, Samsung Tablet, Samsung Smartphone, iPad Mini, Sony Experia, Windows Phone and the truly dreadful dreadful Tesco Hudl (If bingo works on a Tesco Hudl, it’ll work on anything).

I only test using Wi-Fi, and I no longer test on Blackberry or iPod Touch.

1. Functionality and Play-ability on mobile devices.

As iPad is my preferred device I always test on that first, to set the standard for other Tablets. Then I move to the Smartphones, starting with an Android Smartphone to set the standard.

First up, it has to work on the device as they say it does. For example: If it works well on iPhone, but badly on an Android Smartphone, it doesn’t get listed in Android Bingo and visa versa.

Included in my test are the sign procedure, the layout and ease of use and the chat function and ease of use.

2. New Player Sign Up Offer.

This can be a big motivator to new players, but as Editor it’s not a primary concern. You can have great mobile bingo from the likes of Bingo Anywhere, whom give just £10 free to new players and yet have another offering £30 free, but the bingo is shit and they spend all their time hammering you with promotions for one of their casino games. Bast**ds!

3. Existing Player Loyalty Promotions and Bonus Offers.

This is much more important to me than the new player sign up. With it being so easy to leave one bingo brand and join another, I have to be rewarded for my loyalty. So I take a look at the kind of promotions they have on offer.

For the Bonus Chasers and the Bingo Pro’s, I’m toying with the idea of tracking and publishing the various promotions on offer, but it’s a bit of a nightmare keeping up to date with it all. I may start by just tracking the Top 10 Mobile Bingo Sites listed above. I’ll keep you posted.

So how do I come up with the Best Mobile Bingo Sites?

I simply let the results of my combined devices tests speak for themselves. The list of best mobile bingo sites kind of writes itself.