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Looking for real money Blackberry Bingo Games you can play on your Blackberry? Many of the bingo brands featured on this Mobile Bingo Guide are designed to play using the mobile web browser. So have a dig around, find a sign up offer you like to the look of and sign up.

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Blackberry Bingo… The story so far

Way back in 2004, I started testing and reviewing Mobile Bingo Games on Blackberry devices. It didn’t take very long for it to become apparent that mobile bingo providers simply weren’t interested. At the that time, only mFortune Bingo offered games that were compatible with Blackberry.

The fact is that Blackberry devices targeted corporate users, with business messaging and productivity being the core requirements for it’s users. It’s web browser function left a lot to be desired… besides, Men and Women in suits were simply too busy to play mobile bingo, weren’t they? This led nearly all of the Mobile Bingo Operators to simply ignoring the device.

Arrival of the Smartphone

Then just as one or two more bingo operators were about to take another look at the Blackberry… The Smartphone as we know it today arrived with the launch of iPhone and Android! Another blow to the development of Blackberry mobile bingo.

The operators had new, funkier and wildly more popular devices to get their teeth in to. The mobile browser became the interface of choice for the end users. So once they had nailed compatibility for that they concentrated on making downloadable apps available. Both activities ignored mobile bingo on Blackberry devices.


Blackberry Bingo Today

Well it’s all down to the mobile web browser on your Blackberry. For the majority of mobile bingo brands, it’s accidental compatibility. So you’ll just have to try signing up with your chosen bingo brand using the Blackberry web browser. If it works, you’re in! If not… maybe it’s time to treat yourself a tablet?