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Looking for real money iPad Bingo Games you can play on your iPad? Every bingo game featured on Mobile Bingo Guide is compatible with iPad.

The bingo operators have really got their sh*t together. Long gone are the days where I would spend hours creating compatibility lists for the various mobile devices and tablets. Woo hoo!

So have a dig around, find a sign up offer you like to the look of and sign up.

Below is a list of iPad Bingo sites to get you started.


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About iPad Bingo

By far, the iPad is my favorite mobile device for playing bingo, followed closely by any other tablet.

I don’t play any bingo using native iOS iPad apps from the App Store. I’ve simply found no added benefit. In fact I found a number of drawbacks:

  • Some of favourite bingo games on iPad aren’t actually available in the App Store.
  • Bingo apps on iPad take up far too much memory. Meaning I have to delete photos, videos and music to play bingo on iPad.
  • All the pop-up notices/alerts get in my nerves. “I’ll play your bingo when I’m damn good and ready”.

All of the bingo games on the Mobile Bingo Guide are designed and optimized to play perfectly using the iPad Safari browser. I only play over Wi-Fi.