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The Mobile Bingo Guide is all about bingo on mobile devices. I’ve been reviewing bingo games since 2004. Long before tablets were around, before iPhone, Android and iPad, even before Wi-Fi was available in the home and in the coffee shops. I pleased to say that getting mobile bingo has got a lot easier. No more dodgy mobile connections and dodgier WAP links. Today we just point our mobile browser to a url and we’re away! Nothing to download and nothing to install. You can read how I test mobile bingo here. To get the best out of my mobile bingo guide, choose your device from the menu above or one of the following:

I have featured a few great mobile compatible bingo sites below, to get you started.


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About Mobile Bingo

My preferred device for bingo is iPad on Wi-Fi, but I test all of the services independently on iPhone, Samsung Tablet, Samsung Smartphone, iPad Mini, Sony Experia, Windows Phone and the truly dreadful dreadful Tesco Hudl (If bingo works on a Tesco Hudl, it’ll work on anything)…

I’ve been reviewing mobile casino and mobile bingo games since 2004. Back when the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Samsung and Sharp (ask your mum or dad) were the preferred mobile device. Before Android and iPhone, it was feckin nightmare reviewing mobile bingo games…

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