Mobile Phone Bingo Sites

Looking for real money Mobile Phone Bingo you can play on your Smartphone, iPhone, Blackberry or Android device? Lovely stuff. Here are the very latest to get you started.

On this page, I only list 3 for each device to keep the swiping down to a minimum on mobile phones. There are many more for your specific device, on your mobile device page. The menu at the top has your device listed.


Smartphone Bingo:


Android Mobile Phone Bingo:


Blackberry Phone Bingo:


Today, it takes me a day to test each mobile bingo provider, and a day or two to write up the review. Today, I thank Apple for iOS and Google for Android.

I’ve been reviewing mobile casino and mobile bingo games since 2004. Back when the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Samsung and Sharp (ask your mum or dad) were the preferred mobile device. Before Android and iPhone, it was feckin nightmare reviewing mobile bingo games.

Nokia we’re the worst! They were the most popular mobiles of the day, had at least 10 new models and 20 old models. It was all about WAP and Java downloads (ask your mum and dad).

Add different screen sizes, tiny memory and takeway 3g, 4, wi-fi and touch screens. It would take me 4 to 5 days to download and test a single mobile bingo game on the various Nokia devices.

Then I’d have to start all over again with Motorola and then again with Sharp and then again with…. well you get the picture.