Smartphone Bingo

Looking for real money Smartphone Bingo Games you can play on your iPad? Every bingo game featured on Mobile Bingo Guide is compatible with your smartphone. The bingo operators have really nailed the development of bingo of smartphones. I no longer spend hours testing for compatibility.

Below is a list of the most popular bingo on Smartphone to get you started. At last count there are over 40, but I only show 8 per page because you’re probably using a smartphone to view this. Try this simple List View to see them all.


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About Smartphone Bingo

My favorite smartphone device for playing bingo is any of the larger screen Samsung. It’s obvious I know, but the bigger the screen, the better. My eyes aren’t as good a they used to be.

I don’t play any bingo using native apps from the likes of Google Play. I’ve simply found no added benefit to playing live mobile bingo. In fact I found a number of drawbacks:

  • Smartphone Bingo apps just take up too much memory. Meaning I have to delete videos, photos and music to play bingo.
  • Some of my favourite bingo games on aren’t actually available to download, they play in the web browser installed on the device.
  • All the push notices get on my nerves. Petty, but true

The bingo games on the Mobile Bingo Guide are designed and optimized to play perfectly using the browser. I only play on Smartphone using Wi-Fi. It’s just a personal preference.

Smartphone Bingo